Recently I was meeting with a potential client, who I’ll call “Marissa”, who had booked a complimentary strategy session to discuss getting some help marketing for her writing business. She wanted to replace the income she currently had with her writing “job” for something that more suited her. Now let me give you a little back story here, she really LOVES writing, it’s what she feels she is called to do and wakes up excited each day ready to write. The problem with her current writing work is that she’s writing for others and while the pay is good, the material she’s asked to write doesn’t light her up.
Clear as Mud Marissa knew that to grow a writing business, or any business for that she would need a platform, be the “go to person” so that people interested the things she offered would find her and want to work with her. HOWEVER, what Marissa was struggling with was, what did she really want to offer to the world. As a writer what she really wanted to do was write, the books she’d had in her head, the projects she’d started and the new ones that always seemed to come up. A fear of how she would be able to replace her job income crept in and to compensate for that she’d started down another path which was taking her away from what she really wanted to do. Yet, before our call she hadn’t seen that.

Marissa was spending time working on a program, which she didn’t have a real passion for, but felt that it could help her with income. Okay, sounds good at first, but I asked her, is this what you REALLY, REALLY want to do? Her answer came without hesitation, NO! Okay, they why start something that you don’t want to do, to get away from something you don’t like now, hoping that one day it will give you what you need to do what you really want to do?

Stunned a bit she said…..………I see that now, THANK YOU!! Thank You

Distractions, those shiny objects I like to call them, are what take us off course of what we really want and where we really wish to be. While many of them such as the example I gave you with Marissa sound like a good idea, they really are taking us away from our true desire, they are essentially dream robbers.

I gave her the following exercise, which I recommend you to also, to help her avoid distractions and give her a place to check back in before she made any decisions on new business ventures or saying yes to anything.

Grab a sheet of paper…………..Go ahead I’ll wait while you do that………..okay got one?……Good.

Write down how you want to feel, in detail describe what it looks like, where you find it, how you look when you feel this way, etc.  Years ago I did this and one of the top feelings I wanted to feel was FREE. I wanted freedom to work with the people I enjoyed working with, the clients who I adored and from a location almost anywhere in the world my heart desired.

Writing out what freedom felt like and then referencing it when I need to make a decision has helped me avoid many distractions. Checking back in with that feeling and its importance to me before I say yes or wander off to do something helps keep me more in a place I want to be, FREE.

In the end, I told Marissa now wasn’t the time to work on building her platform. While my team and I would have loved to help her freshen up her website, make a big splash on social media and grow her email list, she didn’t have a clear idea of what she wanted to offer to the world. We’ll be working together soon on that, for now she’s working on getting clear on the feeling she wants to wake up excited about each day.

If you’re feeling like Marissa and would like some help with clarity, please click here to book a complimentary session with me and let’s chat about going from Clear as Mud to Crystal Clear. If you know who your market is and you’re really clear on who they are, then let’s chat soon about building a platform so you can make the big impact on the world you wish for.

Here’s to feeling waking up each day, excited about your work and knowing that it’s exactly what you should be doing to feel the way you most want to feel.


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