If only I could work at this pace all the time…


Writing to you here in vacation countdown mode. In 2 days we’ll be flying off to Europe.

You know what I’m talking about.  Lists being made, checked twice, and countless things being crossed off and others being added.  It’s dizzying how much has gotten done in the last week.airplane

I love vacation mode and all I’m getting done.

If only we could work at this speed more often.  Where we’re getting more done in a day than we did all last week.  Where projects that may need our attention while we’re out are getting wrapped up, nice and neat with a bow on top.

It’s exhilarating knowing I’ve gotten this much done, and I’m thrilled to know that when my family and I are on Holiday, we’ll actually have lots of time to play.

Now if only I worked at warp speed all the time.  HOLY COW! I would get so much done.

Does this mean the solution is more vacations?  Maybe?  After all, look at all we get done before we take one!

Truth be told, it’s a choice. Either to work effectively and efficiently or simply pass the day away at our desks.

Recently when I was coaching with someone about this exact topic, she was comparing herself to one of her colleagues and was not happy that her production was down.   I asked her about the amount of time she spent at her desk truly working vs. filling the time she “thought” she needed to.

Let me say that another way…….if you have 8 hours to do your work, in a traditional work setting, there generally isn’t any reward for getting your assignments done in 6 hours.  However, in having her own small business there was a reward. She had more time to do other things, like generate more business or hit the beach.  She had choices.

Like many she was simply filling the time she had and not working as efficient as possible.  Unfortunately at the end of her day she often had more things to do still because she hadn’t been as focused as she could have during her “normal” business hours.   She’d never worked for herself before and thought she “needed” to be at her desk more than not.  She was very excited after our session about this newfound freedom.

While warp speed vacation mode may not be the best for us all the time, perhaps we can agree that there is something truly magical about being focused and working toward a goal with almost a sense of single mindedness.  Blocking out distractions, being clear and getting things done.

Here’s to a super productive day and a magical vacation.


A Little Game to Strengthen your Intuition Muscle

My daughter and I play a little game we call “Guess the percentage battery life on my phone”.

Silly as it sounds, it was something that we started doing, at her suggesting.  What she didn’t know when she suggested it is that it’s a fun and also a way to sharpen our intuition muscle.

At random times, usually when we’re in the car together one of us will ask the other to guess.  If the answer is wrong, we’re given a hint and often this presents the answer.

Try it out for yourself, even if you’re simply guessing the battery life on your phone.


Need a Pep Talk?

Here’s a video I keep handy – my favorite line……You’ll figure it out