The customer isn’t always right

Often in our careers or businesses we’re given examples or rules or ideas to follow which may or may not feel right.

For example:  “The customer is always right.”

Well, we all know that isn’t true!Customers

While I’m sure the idea behind it came from years where the customer didn’t matter, it’s been taken too far, sadly, at the expense of great people who are employed by companies with this ideology.

When we begin any relationship with the idea that someone else will ALWAYS be right, it is totally one-sided, and that is no way to start any relationship.

In a recent meeting with my team I gave them the following suggestion to ask themselves when working with our clients:

1.  What feels right?
2.  What works for everyone?
3.  Why am I afraid to say no?

As we discussed this further, we all agreed that often we do things that don’t feel right, that are only serving someone else to keep them happy (or around) because we’re afraid to say NO.  Sadly they all agreed that when that happens they begin to resent their work and that frustration goes home with them and it robs them of quality time doing activities outside of their work.

We all have an inner voice, a gut feeling or a knowing that guides us in making decisions.   That’s our intuition.  Our intuition is a muscle and like any muscle it needs exercising to be at its best.

One simple exercise you can do to strengthen that muscle is using your intuition to “guess intuitively” how a game or movie will end.  Share your guess with someone else if you want. The idea is that practicing something as simple as this will help you to make big decisions trusting your intuition in the future.

Another simple exercise to build your intuitive muscle is affirming “I trust that the decisions I make will enhance all areas of my life.”
I’ve found another video I think you’ll enjoy.

Until next time keep building that intuition muscle, trusting it and loving life.