Lagniappe | September 2010

The thought of Lagniappe, (pronounced LAN-yap) which means “’to increase; to add’” felt like a great way to start this edition of the newsletter.  The idea of getting something a little extra when making a purchase makes us all smile.  It’s like the bakers dozen.  The little extra things when done well that make other feel good about buying from you.  For many like me increasing value or adding something extra when people buy my products or use my team’s services thrills me even more.Lagniappe. add something a little extra to your service

Last week I was in New Orleans, which is where the word is most often heard.  Tomie and I were there visiting several real estate offices that asked us in to tell them more about our services and how it would provide some Lagniappe to for their clients.
I love visiting New Orleans, it’s one of those places you can’t just go and be anonymous, it pulls you in and pretty soon, you’re on an adventure unlike any place I’ve ever been.  There are amazing restaurants, beautiful architecture, interesting people and parades for so many reasons I can’t even begin to figure out.

Giving Lagniappe is important in satisfying clients that you’re working with and getting referrals from them as well.  We’ve all had the bad restaurant experience and told others, likewise we’ve all had that excellent restaurant experience and told others.  Your clients are  no different, they are excellent sources of referrals, giving them some Lagniappe is one way to guarantee they will keep coming back and bringing others.

Got an idea on providing some Lagniappe?

Please tell me by emailing ~ Entries may be posted in future newsletters and the top idea will receive some Lagniappe from our office.