Listening + Follow-up = Sales

Recently, I was in Daytona Beach looking for a place to call home.  I’m a beach bum at heart, and it delights me to say that the perfect house was found, rented, and we’re all moved in.  Best of all, it’s just three blocks from the ocean.  Surfs Up!

We decided to rent and found the search to be a real lesson in listening and follow-up.  It’s shocking how many Realtors we spoke with that didn’t take the time to ask questions; they just quoted the price without getting our info or offering to show anything else.  Even more shocking were a few who did offer to research the properties on the MLS and get back to us but never followed up.

We took to the streets, found a home, and leased it that very afternoon.  The sad part for the other Realtors, who we’d spoken with and who promised to help us, is the house we rented was listed on the MLS, where they could have easily found it.  Not asking questions, listening, or following up meant no sale.  For the record, our needs were really simple, beachside, 3/2, with a garage and room for my office.

Understanding what the prospect needs and following up to convert that prospect into a contract are the keys to success.  We called on 12 houses and looked at 4; it was the last one we viewed we took all this over just two days.  It would have been a quick, easy close for anyone who would have listened and followed up.

Listening and following up requires really no budget and easily mastered skills.  Improving these skills alone will help you become a Top Producer in any market.