Reconnecting with WHY as an Entrepreneur

Female Entrepreneur - reconnecting with WHY as an Entrepreneur

With just a few minutes between meetings, I am often tempted to stay at my desk and work.

Even when nothing needs my immediate attention, my inner “people pleaser” often encourages me, or should I say, attempts to shame me, not to leave anything undone, even for just a moment.

For years I’ve been working on letting my inner “people pleaser” take a break – along with her pal “inner critic.” Or at least for them not to have the loudest voices in the room. Like everything else in life, some days are better than others.

But when I remember that the number one reason I chose to be an entrepreneur was freedom and flexibility, I find myself here between appointments.

Outside on the grass, listening to the birds sing and the squirrels run about. Marveling at all the beauty that Mother Nature bestows upon us. No calls, emails, or social media, just being here soaking it all up.

And you know what?

My ideal clients never complain that I didn’t get back to them sooner.

My CPA, who asked a question, didn’t fire me because I replied the next day.

My team knows I will reply shortly and are patient with me.

Best of all, when I start my coaching calls, I am a much better coach, having spent just 10 minutes or so outside.

So if you’re like me, and your “inner people pleaser” tries to keep you from important things like time outside, tell her to chill out. And your “inner critic” to do the same You’ll get to all of those things on your list, you always do – but first, you are going to take a time out to feed your soul.