The biggest adventure of my life


The biggest adventure of my life didn’t involve a passport, only an open heart and a commitment to make it happen.

Snow Mountian outside of Eisenhower Tunnel, Colorado

All my life I’ve known that I was adopted, I was told as a child so young that I don’t ever recall the conversation, it was simply a part of my everyday knowing.  As the story went, my biological parents were young and unable to financially care for me, they did what they felt was the best for all and allowed a family (my parents) to adopt me.

Growing up my life was one of a typical kid in 70’s and 80’s in Central Florida. Occasionally trips to Walt Disney World, escapes to the beach and hot summers along the way.

In 2007 I hired someone to seek out my biological parents, in Colorado this is an option and while pricy, one that gave me the best chance of finding them.  Candice as I call her “My Searcher” was skilled at finding people and connecting with them.  I won’t tell you all the details that went into her putting them into contact with me, this will be in the book I’m working on as it is a clear example of patience, persistence and some fiery strong willed red-headedness.

The one big lesson I learned from it was that the journey to what Jenny and I at the airport - First visit together after 38 yearsyou want is so much easier to travel when you have a burning desire to get to a destination.

In the fall of 2008, after many letters, emails and calls I traveled to Denver, Colorado to finally see who I looked like.  I was met at the airport by Jenny who was pretty easy to spot in the crowd.  Getting to Denver was one of those pure examples saying what I wanted, then seeing it all come together.  A client and friend of mine I knew had ties to the area, we’d discussed it before and actually did some work for him on some business in Keystone.

 When I got committed to taking the journey I told him about it, not knowing how I’d work it all out only that I was going soon.  As we chatted about the places I should eat, sites I should see something absolutely magical happened.

He said to me “I’ve got a condo in the Denver, would you like to stay at it?”

“Absolutely” I said, knowing that I was meeting the biological family for the first time even though she was physically related to me, I knew that having some space of my own would give me the time I was sure I would need.

He told me about it then asked me what airline I was flying on, I told him I hadn’t booked that yet, then the second magical part……he gave me two vouchers for Continental telling me they no longer flew into his local airport and he had no plans to use them anytime soon.  With the two vouchers which just about covered the cost of the flights and the condo I was on my way.

Michelle Spalding on the streets in Downtown Denver ColoradoThis was one of my first trips traveling and working.  I made time of course to meet all of Jenny’s family, but I also had to get some work done.  I brought along my laptop, at the high rise I stayed in had WIFI and my Blackberry was always in my sight so staying connected to my team and clients was easily navigated.  The first few days were tough, trying to get my bearing, keep up with work responsibilities and juggle all the site seeing trips as well as meeting new people, but it worked!  It actually worked and even better than I dreamed it could have.

The 10 days I spent there were the start of a new life with new friends and new passion for adventure.  I spent time with Jenny and her family, she showed me some of the sites and we got to know one another.

Perhaps life would be easier if I had an unlimited travel budget and no responsibilities, yet this isn’t the case and is easy really all it’s cracked up to be?

 I discovered that I could follow my passion for travel and manage the business I had at the same time.  It takes some thinking, some planning, often lots of patience to make it work and the results are so sweet.

Michelle Spaldign at Berthoud Pass - Colorado 10.25.08If you’re up for an adventure or planning one in the future, let’s keep in touch.  I’ll be writing here with updates of my adventures, tips on how to make work and play seamless and posting photos of my travels.  I’ll also share with you some proven success strategies that will help you create the business you dream of.  Whether it involves travel or simply working from home in your snugly robe, I’m your gal for most things virtual.