It All Started with a Bucket List



I use to be the person who always had places and experiences I wanted as well as things I wished to have, but never got around to documenting any of them.

No lists, no vision board just thinking of them from time to time with no real focus or faith.

Occasionally I’d really long for something especially when a friend told me of a trip they were taking and I would think “wow, I’d sure like to do that”, looking back I realize that the emphasis there was in a jealous feeling.  Realizing they were about to do or go somewhere I really didn’t believe I could ever.

Little did I know at the time of all that energy I was wasting looking for results in all the wrong places.  Truth be told, I’ve never gotten anything I wanted when I was jealous of what someone else had or did.

One day I took the advise from a audio CD I was listening to which encouraged me to make a bucket list.  At the time I was 38, a bucket list wasn’t something  I figured I’d be doing at that age.  The only time I’d thought of the concept before was of people making a list of things they wanted to do before they die, that they started working on when they retire.

Living a life of passion, on purpos and focused on what you truly want in lifeYet, that day it sounded like a good idea, what the heck, I had nothing to lose.  I took a sheet of notebook paper and started to write, I made a list of 101 things I wanted to see or do or have.  I put all kind of crazy things on there, travel to Asia, Europe, India, week long spa time, extravagantly expensive purse, wine class, published book, and the list just keeps going.  Some personal, some simply over the top and some involving people I want to spend more time with.

As I wrote this list I actually felt empowered.  It was my list, it was things I wanted and while I had no idea how or when I’d do, see or get any of them, it didn’t really matter.  The list made me feel good, I was not jealous of what others were doing, or getting, it didn’t matter I was starting my own list to manifest what I wanted.

Here I am at the end of 2012 and I’m thrilled to say that there are many things on there I’ve crossed off, many more to do, see or get and some more that I’ve added since that initial list was crafted.   I’ve traveled to several of the places on the list, some of those are chronicled here on my blog.   I’ve still yet to take the wine class or get the extravagant purse, it’s all good, just gives me more time to focus, develop faith and dream about it. Purse

My list has also given me an opportunity to look at what I’ve accomplished.  Most of us  are very hard on ourselves, generally our worst critic.  For me seeing that many of the things I wished for at one time have been crossed off the list, gives me the hope, faith and belief in myself that I can do or have anything I truly desire.

Here’s where you can take action.  Take a moment, grab a pen and a few pieces of paper and start writing.  Go wild, make lists of things you’d like to see, do and have.  Don’t stop till you get 101.  After you’ve written it go back and read them, share all or some with a trusted friend.  Sit with each item, think about the feeling you’ll experience when you accomplish that item on your list.

Keep the list handy and check it from time to time, to remind yourself of what you want and to cross off what you’ve done.

Let me know how goes, and share with me anything from you list you’d like.