What inspires you?

Hi Beautiful

Life is full of inspiration and examples that can help us on our journey; it’s up to us to keep our eyes open and be open to inspiration. To take the pieces as they come up and use them to inspire us to keep going.

I attended the Culture Club concert at the Hard Rock in Orlando on Sunday evening with my dear friend Penny. For those of you who recall the name but aren’t sure who they are, the lead singer is Boy George.  Just before the band took the stage there was a 2-minute video that gave a brief history of the band – I found a copy on YouTube here https://youtu.be/RF2VYYxZBoo

Thirty years ago (YES, it’s been that long), they made a big splash here in America. Their sound was new and unique; androgynous looks were something we hadn’t seen before in pop music. As I watched the preview video and enjoyed the show, I was filled with inspiration for their bravery in being who they wanted to be, even when they were shunned and even persecuted for it.

I don’t believe that Culture Club or Boy George set out to inspire anyone; I think they simply were following their hearts and performing “their way.” It took a toll on them, and for many years the band was separated and, at times, did not speak to one another. Yet on stage Sunday, they looked to be having a magical time and to be really enjoying sharing their music with audiences again.

You, too, are an inspiration to many ……… and you probably don’t even realize it. You come in contact with people daily, and a little part of you is shared with them. Sometimes you see the same people regularly, and the inspiration is spread out, other times it’s just a brief encounter, making a lasting impression.

What I’ve discovered over the years is that the people who were the most inspiring to me is those that were following their hearts. They were creating success on their terms, not worried about competition or being accepted, simply doing what they feel they were meant to do.

When I think about the many people who have deeply inspired me over the years who I’ve known personally, I know their lives were not perfect. They had great days; they had not-so-great days. They sometimes questioned their path, got off track, got frustrated and angry, and wondered if it was all worth it.

It’s their authenticity and vulnerability that inspire me the most. Sure it’s easy to feel good about what you’re doing when things are going well and to feel like you’re making a difference in the world. But things don’t always go according to “your plan”; sometimes there are delays we don’t expect, obstacles, and it gets hard to hold on to the vision.

Remember, this is your journey, you get to choose the route, and the prize isn’t the destination; it’s the many people who you inspire to keep going along the way.

Wishing you every bit of success you desire and loads of fun along the way. If your path gets a little confusing and you’d like some guidance, I’m happy to help.