What is your Website Saying?

Creating a website’s copy and content is much like playing a game of chess.  In this game, you have to have a strategic approach in order to have more chances of winning.  You need to have an understanding and think about the structure of the game because each part involves different strategies.  This means you need to pay attention not only on your next move but also what you think your opponent’s next possible move.

Same thing happens when you create the content of each of the page of your website.  You need to know what your prospects are looking for so you can come up with answers and solutions of their problems and help them reach what they wanted to achieve.  Focus on what they need to know and what is in it for them and not just about what you or your company is about.  Think from the point of view of your customers so they will always get excited and move on with you because they can feel that they are part of it. You also need to think of something that makes ideal clients and customers curious and excited to move on with you.  This is called call to action. 

In order to gain this trust and long term relationship, you need to make sure that you do what you say you do and guide them until they achieve the result that you have promised them.  It feels great to be a part of somebody’s success because it will also make you successful.

A few Tips to consider in writing your copy and updating content:

  1. Know your target market – be very clear when spending market time, energy and money.  Be specific with your target so they will quickly and easily identify with your message.  People are looking for solutions; offer them in your content.
  2. Using words to get search engine traffic into your site – you can use key word finder in Google to learn what your prospects are searching for.  Words that best describe your business and offerings – brainstorming exercise and writing down every word that relates to your products and services and how you help people.
  3. Call to action – include in your content what action people need to do and that it leads them to achieve their goal.  Having them achieve something will bring more sales and also gain customer loyalty.  Offer a way for your visitors to receive information about your services and communicate with them after their initial visit.
  4. Testimonials – people want to know what others think, share a few success stories of clients and customers who used your products or services, either written or video.
  5. Your photo – a picture is worth a thousand words, consider about how you and your company are represented your website.  Keep your photo current, that class picture from 20 years ago isn’t going to work no matter how wonderful you look I it.

Your website is a living thing that breathes out ideas and solutions of ideal clients and customers’ problems and that it will encourage them take an action.  The more your prospects can identify with the copy, the longer they will stay and the more likely they will be to take the next step.

Update your site frequently to make keep the information fresh.  As you grow, make adjustments or changes that will match your new directions or whatever is happening in your website.  Ideal clients and customers will never get tired visiting your website which leads to loyalty and into a long term relationship.

Remember, your website represents you and your company however it doesn’t mean that your copy and content is mostly all about you or your company.  Be specific and descriptive with what services and products you offer especially with what is in it for them.

“Success comes not just from listening and learning but by taking an action until the end.”