Where’s your Focus?

Ducks on Bayou St.John, New Orleans- April 2012

Ducks on Bayou St.John, New Orleans- April 2012

I love to go out into nature and walk.  The sun, the fresh air, and the movement all seem to brighten my mood.  It’s spring so it is even more yummy to spend time outside, the jasmine and magnolias are in bloom making the walk extra fragrant.  There were even some adorable little ducks out today that I snapped this picture of.

Today as I walked I was listening to a podcast, where the host, Denise Linn was sharing with us the reminder that we focus on expanding.  Later as I was enjoying lunch I picked up a book I keep handy for short reads by Louis Hay “You Can Heal Your Life” and I opened to the same topic.  While some may call it a coincidence, I call it an important reminder.

Over the previous day I’d been in the dumps or as I like to call it a “funk”, I was not focusing on what I wanted only on what I didn’t have.  Not on all that I’d accomplished, only on all that was missing.  Thankfully, I used some of the metaphysical training I’ve been learning to get out of that funk quickly. I’m pleased to say that my funk was brief and only lasted about 24 hours in the past that could have gone on for days or longer.

I know that I received these messages at the right time for me and that they came to me like many others because I was open to receiving them. Had I picked up that book when I was in my funk I don’t think I could have seen that and resonated with the message?  Likely I would have said to myself, “Yea Right, sure I create what I focus on,” or “Oh really, then where is my best-selling book?”

Looking over my life, I realized that I am truly blessed.  That I have manifested many amazing things, people, and best of all feelings.  I have health, love, freedom, and, best of all, opportunities.

Focusing on the outstanding things I’ve manifested also gives me the faith that more is on the way.