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What’s your back up plan?

It’s good to be home after a very lovely vacation in Thailand and Bali.  Comparing the two makes it easy for me to say, I adore Bali and the Balinese people.   They were extremely friendly, helpful and warm.  There was a real since of pride in their villages, a feeling of caring for others and of working together for the good of the whole.

In our 5 days in Bali, we toured many of the historic and tourist sites as well as ventured off the beaten path to dine with the locals where we enjoyed a great $4 dinner for two.  I asked our driver, yes driver because for less than $40, you can hire someone for the day, about crime and he said it was very, very low, almost unheard of.   He said “Balinese people care about the well being of one another and help each other out when needed”.  I really like that!

Please don’t get me wrong, they weren’t sitting around doing nothing, they were busy working and there was plenty of commerce happening, shops and restaurants with many visitors happily spending money.  Each person I encountered when shopping was helpful, friendly and offered more than simply the exchange of an item for cash.  I really like that way of doing business and the feeling of being of value to others, offering something far more than the money received for the service or product and leaving them feeling better for the experience.  It’s something that our team strives for with each and every person on all sides of the transaction that we work with.

Sadly for me, while in Bali my laptop decided to quit working.  While typing away on an article it went blank and hasn’t come back since.  Most of my business runs in the cloud, our CRM program, our emails, our file management program to track our client’s deals so I knew it wasn’t the end of the world, but I was sad that many of the things I’d written, music I’d purchased and marketing pieces may have been lost.

For almost 2 weeks, I worried about the content and my ability to recapture it.  I’d recently done sync with my PC, but hadn’t double checked it in my rush to get everything else finalized before vacation.  When I returned I realized that it didn’t work.

Thankful for me, the computer tech was able to copy all my data, photos and music onto an external hard drive which is now on my PC.  Unfortunately my laptop is now nothing more than a door stop as it overheated and blew the video chip which is attached to the mother board and is not cost effective to fix.  Ouch!!

Here’s my lesson: For less than the cost of paying someone to extract my data, I could have subscribed to an online service that automatically backs up my data daily.   I’d used such a service in the past, but didn’t renew for some senseless reason which I can’t recall.  Needless to say, I’m back now with Mozy and happy knowing that if this computer should decide to leave this world, I’ve got all my data and I can easily rebuild my files with a few clicks of mouse.

It doesn’t take a vacation or really much of anything else to lose your data, computers just quit working sometimes and data gets lost.  It’s all too easy for a computer to crash and the potential of loosing data is high. Take a moment soon, evaluate your current back up plan (system) and make sure you’re covered.  The peace of mind will be well worth the small price for backing up your data.  If you don’t have a current system, check out Mozy, it’s inexpensive and easy to use and there is even a free version for those with “light data” needs.

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