Are you using this to make decisions?


Isn’t it interesting that something we’re born with, something so natural to us as an infant is sometimes so distant by the time we’re adults that we’re almost completely out of touch with it?

I’m talking about inner guidance, or intuition.

Maybe you’ve heard it called instincts, hunches, or a “gut” feeling.

The name isn’t important, the role it plays in our lives is.  It’s the primal guidance that gives us insight and information that originates from outside of our normal awareness.

It’s the nudge that says “this doesn’t feel right” or the inner voice we hear saying “go for it, this is going to be awesome.”   It’s the guidance that can save us time, energy and frustration when we tune into it and allow it to help us in making decisions.

Often when I’m working with a client in business coaching or consulting on projects I often ask them “how do you feel about _________?”

Occasionally I get this puzzled look to this question.  Generally they leap right into telling me what an expert told them or someone else did or something they read.

I listen then gently ask them again in a different way, “Tell me please, what are your instincts telling you about this?”

With a puzzling look the client often says something to the effect of “you’re asking ME how I feel?”

Most tell me they haven’t been asked that or thought of it in their business.  Like most, they were looking outside for answers and still weren’t finding happiness and success.

Our intuition or instincts are important in all aspects of our lives, business included.  Learning how to listen to our intuition isn’t hard.  It’s simply a skill that takes patience and determination to master.  Honoring and valuing our instincts when we’re challenged by an “expert opinion” is where it can get tough.

In the next edition I’ll share with you some exercises that can help you strengthen your intuition.  Until then, when you’re asked to make a choice or decision, take a moment to listen closely for the nudge or hunch guiding you.

Until next time, I found a great video on intuition I hope will inspire you to reconnect with yours frequently