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The Happiness of Pursuit

Upon returning one recent evening home from a mini vacation I found this book in my pile of mail needing my attention.  Anxious to get back into the swing of things and to work I moved through the pile then opened the package containing the book.  **Note, anything with the word Happy or Happiness thrills…

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What do I do Facing Fear ?

Start somewhere……..but start NOW! As a small business owner, Mom, soulful business coach and friend, one of the most common statements I hear is “but I don’t know what to do.” Often after a little coaching we discover it’s not the technical part that holds them back, there are plenty of geeks among us to…

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Where’s your Focus?

Ducks on Bayou St.John, New Orleans- April 2012

As I look over my life, I realized that I am truly blessed. That I have manifested many amazing things, people and best of all feelings. I have health, love, freedom and best of all opportunities.

Focusing on the outstanding things I’ve manifested also gives me the faith that more is on the way.

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Infinite Possibilities The Art of Living your Dreams

Infinite Possibilities  The Art of Living your Dreams Book written by Mike Dooley 2009   As long time student of the Law of Attraction I was drawn to this book as I truly believe in Infinite Possibilities.  That as the author  Mike Dooley says’ Thoughts become things, choose them wisely”  I have taken this lesson…

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