The Wind

Spring is here and I’m so happy to be able to be outside. I’ve dusted off my purple beach cruiser and am truly enjoying the fabulous weather here in Daytona Beach, Florida. Our beautiful beach is filling up with people visiting and enjoying our very mild Florida spring. While the sand’s temperature is a balmy 75 or so, the water is way too cold for me at about 58. I asked someone recently coming out of the water what they thought about the water temp; they replied, “it’s much warmer than the snow we left back home”.

Today, while riding my bike, the wind was very strong; I had to peddle hard as I headed down the beach. It was a real struggle to keep moving, so I thought about how close my destination was to encourage myself.  While I couldn’t see it yet, I knew it was there; I believed I could make it; after all, I’d ridden to that point many times in the past. Soon, I could see it, and while the ride was still difficult, I felt better, but the last few feet were probably the toughest. Finally, I’d made it, Wahoo!! I stopped, paused for some water, and turned around. This time the ride was so smooth, fast, and easy, the wind was behind me, pushing me along, and I was really cruising. I even splashed through the water as the tide came in, happily like a little kid; I was so thrilled I was finally moving easily what a great feeling.

While on my ride, the scenario reminded me of business. Reaching a certain level of success or freedom in our business is often challenging, like riding into the wind, but with momentum and keeping the bike moving, it’s easier and faster to get there. Having a goal, believing in your ability to reach it and then seeing it on the horizon as you near it. Once you’ve got there, all the hard work and dedication are totally worth it. Because now you’ve created the business you want, it’s now working FOR you, not the other way around. It’s like fun and freedom you feel riding your bike with the wind pushing you toward your destination, not into the wind.

Riding into the wind is tough, and if I’d wanted to get to this particular destination sooner and easier, I’d have taken a car. Just like in business, there are many ways to reach a goal; some are harder than others.  Some are faster and easier than others. With the right tools and the help of a team, the journey is not only easier but more enjoyable.

I truly hope you enjoy this edition of TMC’s monthly newsletter as much as my team and I do preparing it.