It must be nice…

You are so lucky, it must be nice to….

• Own your own business

• Work from home

• Employ a full-time virtual assistant

• Have a housekeeper

• Be able to travel (pre-Covid restrictions of course)

• Have time to write two books

Perhaps you have also been the recipient of similar comments, and like me, your first response is often to shrink. Maybe to reply in a way that minimizes something you are actually pretty proud of like “oh, it’s really not that big of a deal, maybe I just got lucky”. 🍀

Well to that I say – STOP IT!! Stop that right now!

Stop minimizing yourself and be proud of the dreams you’ve worked hard to achieve“.

Not too long ago I decided to change things up when someone tells me “It must be nice,” I usually say, “ why yes it is, would you like to do it too? I’m happy to tell you my story, and while it was challenging, it was something I wanted so I found a way to do it.” (or some variation of that)

A few times people have genuinely been interested and willing to learn. More than a few other times I was told that was a snarky comment and other times, I feel it’s fallen on deaf ears.

One of my greatest wishes is that we all STOP putting others down for their accomplishments and instead we lift them up and celebrate with them, especially women. (this includes the snide comments made with our gal pals)

If we find out someone has done what we’d like to do, we ask if they are available to teach us how, and be willing students. And when someone tells you it must be nice, please join me in saying “it really is” and offer to share your story with them too. 💖