Simple and Inexpensive Ways To Love Up On Mother Earth

This year I made some little (and easy) changes to help heal our planet. And next year and in the next decade, I want to do MUCH MORE – so I’m posting what I’ve done and would love your ideas in the comments on ways to step up my game even more.

Switched from tube toothpaste to Bites – Not only is the product environmentally friendly, but they also have a commitment to replant trees.

Switched from a plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one

Stopped buying the huge jugs of laundry soap from Costco, even though the content was environmentally happy, to Dropps – which comes to me in a cardboard box, great for fire kindling, and carbon-neutral shipping. They also make dishwasher tablets

Changed from padded plastic envelopes to recycled cardboard ones to send out books & other items.

Changed up the kitchen trash bags from the normal white plastic ones to compostable green ones

Where possible, I’ve switched from items in plastic bottles to glass such as deodorant –

I’ve even kept many glass jars, like pasta sauce, and used them for other things around the house – even to hold homemade bath salts as Christmas gifts. (just a little paint on the lid and they are totally transformed)

For years have used my bags at the grocery, or paper if I forgot mine, I even bring small ones to the mall and sort of freak out the clerks at Macy’s with my quirky bags. We also use straws that go in the dishwasher and have purchased metal refillable cups – only buying bottled water when there was a hurricane scare several years back.

In watching an episode of Broken on Netflix – the comment that “we can’t recycle our way out of this mess” sticks with me. And sadly, only about 9% of the plastic we use can be recycled. Watch that here if you’d like –

What other ideas do you have for me?

I’m sharing this to learn and help make it easy to create new habits that are environmentally better for us and our planet.