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Worry, Vulnerability, and the Myth of Success

Worrying about things takes us out of creativity mode and puts us in an anxious state – it makes us preoccupied with something that may or may not happen, and yet, it’s simply part of being a human being.

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Journaling * Burnout * Back to School and more

Journaling is one of those things that I classify under self-care – it’s inexpensive and doesn’t require any special training, yet it can be so powerful and transformative. When I recommend this to clients who haven’t done much journaling, they often struggle with what to write or where to start. Hello inner perfectionist, I see you.

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Recalibrating Success™ – Summer and much more

While things may not be ideal in our businesses or lives, there can still be so much to appreciate if we just take the time to look for it. Sometimes it just takes a bit of recalibration.

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