Self-Love, Vulnerability & Magic Potions

In the Month of Love let’s prioritize how we LOVE ourselves.

If you’re reading this, you’ve no doubt survived Valentine’s Day. You know, the day where we’re “supposed” to have someone who loves and adores us and shows it by delivering the right gift, curated by a company that sells it, or feel like an outcast if we do not fit the commercial narrative or budget. 

Let’s make a conscious shift towards self-love – not the superficial kind, where we indulge in spa treatments. Instead, let’s talk about real self-love — being kind to ourselves, being compassionate when we’re struggling, taking time to rest, a place where we stretch ourselves, but not to the point of breaking. 

In the Month of Love let’s prioritize how we LOVE ourselves. 

Showing self-love can look like saying no to things that aren’t in alignment with our purpose so that we can say yes to things that light us up. Or asking for help when we need it. 

In a recent coaching call, my client and I discussed vulnerability – you know that big scary word Brené Brown loves to talk about…  

Here’s what was happening: when she started her business, she did what many of us do and jumped through hoops. When a client asks, we want to win their trust and seal of approval so we deliver. Over time, she felt this client was taking advantage of her kindness. One night he sent a demanding text after she didn’t answer a call. She was putting her kids to sleep and shared this wasn’t the first time this had happened.  

Usually, she would call right back and apologize. Together we came up with an empowering plan to help her retain her client. She noted some bullet points to use in a call (she wanted to email it, but I suggested she call, and later she thanked me for humanizing the experience).

A few weeks later we met again and she was ecstatic – she could see how she let this situation fester, but, thanks to having a plan of action, they came up with a solution to keep communication respectful and within the scope of her working hours to do their best work together. 

She also shared that her fear of having phone calls to discuss matters hadn’t gone away entirely, but she had a whole new level of confidence that she knew she could bring into future situations if needed.

This month I want to propose making time for non-business-related hobbies – doing something you love for no other reason than it makes time stand still. While it may seem counterintuitive, hobbies are essential for an entrepreneur’s vitality. 

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our businesses and never truly step away. Hobbies are an excellent excuse to help us break away from our routine; we’ve just got to make the time for them. Hobbies help strengthen our creativity muscle and focus, and can reveal parts we did not know about ourselves. 

Think about the things you did as a child that brought you joy. Can you return to those? Perhaps even sign up for a class?

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Self-love is like a magic potion for the soul – you’re the only one with the formula or able to administer it.

Best wishes,

Michelle Spalding | Small Business Coach

Michelle Spalding

Business Alchemist | Author