The Amazing Power of These Two Words………..

In the past, people shopped at places they did because of their family and friends.  Pre big box stores and mega malls, there was more to shopping than getting the item you set out for, it was also experiential.  The person who waited on you knew you, asked how you were, and listened when you answered.  Most often, they also knew your family and ask how they were.  You were valued as a customer because they knew their livelihood depended on happy customers.   That you, the customer, could easily go elsewhere but were loyal because of how they were treated.

Last week, I was reminded of this when I went to dinner with my family.  We have a favorite place about a 20-minute drive up the beach from our house.  Along the way, we pass several pizza places.  I’m sure many of those serve good, if not excellent, pizza.  But we drive to Lenny’s in Ormond Beach not only for the excellent pizza but because they know us and make us feel welcome when we come in.   They thank us each time we come in, and it’s not a simple “thanks or thank you.”   Generally it’s something like “Hey, thanks for coming in today; it’s really great to see you”

Everyone wants to feel appreciated.  Whether it’s for purchasing something from you, helping you solve a problem or the cool new gift they sent, we all want to know that we’re appreciated, and the easiest way is these two powerful words:  Thank You.

The authenticity and frequency of those words will improve the success of any business.  People who feel appreciated and happy with their experience now they not only tell those they work with or see often, but now they will share this with their friends on FaceBook, their followers on Twitter, and their colleagues on LinkedIn.   Likewise, if the experience isn’t so wonderful, that information is shared and can really damage a company’s reputation.

One of my favorite sayings is, “buying a new house isn’t like buying new shoes.” It’s very, very obvious when someone moves.  Taking the extra time during the transaction to nurture the relationship can yield countless referrals and more sales for you.   Give your clients the feeling that you really care and appreciate your business, and be authentic with your Thank You(s). This many mean having someone help you with some of the admin work, but with TMC, that’s easy.  Trust me, and many of my clients, when we say the money spent having help will not only allow you to provide a better experience for your clients but more time to nurture the relationships of prospects and leads as well.  Most agree that it’s far cheaper and easier to generate sales from warm referrals than from cold leads.

The team at TMC is always working to improve our already outstanding service.  From the very beginning, we’ve prided ourselves on not only delivering great service but the kind that makes our clients feel genuinely appreciated for allowing us to help coordinate their transactions from contract to close.  Sometimes it’s tough being compared to “another coordinator” because what we do is so much more.  Just like many of our clients tell us how they dislike being compared to the Realtor down the street because they know they provide a much better service.  But we have a very loyal group of clients, many of whom have been with us for more than five years, who love our services and tell others.

There’s a great book called The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk.  It’s loaded with ideas on building relationships, online and offline.   Gary explains why social media is important and does an outstanding job of effectively breaking down how to use it.  Not what buttons to click, that’s the easy part, why it’s so powerful and how to become a part of it.  Grab a copy when you have a moment; I’m sure you’ll find it helpful.

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