What inspires you?

Hi Beautiful Life is full of inspiration and examples that can help us on our journey, it’s up to us to keep our eyes open and be open to the inspiration. To take the pieces as they come up and use them to inspire us to...

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What’s your back up plan?

It’s good to be home after a very lovely vacation in Thailand and Bali.  Comparing the two makes it easy for me to say, I adore Bali and the Balinese people.   They were extremely friendly, helpful and warm.  There was a real since of...

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Michelle Spalding visiting the Grand Bazzar Istanbul Turkey

Turkey – 2009

  In August of 2009, Tomie and I set out to visit his sister and her family in Istanbul, Turkey. Another totally new experience for me.   I'll share a little back story here before I chat about our adventure.  Many years ago Tomie's sister Mary...

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