What inspires you?

Hi Beautiful Life is full of inspiration and examples that can help us on our journey; it’s up to us to keep our eyes open and be open to inspiration. To take the pieces as they come up and use them to inspire us to keep going. I attended the Culture Club concert at the…

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The biggest adventure of my life

Michelle Spalding on the streets in Downtown Denver Colorado

  The biggest adventure of my life didn’t involve a passport, only an open heart and a commitment to make it happen. All my life I’ve known that I was adopted, I was told as a child so young that I don’t ever recall the conversation, it was simply a part of my everyday knowing. …

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What’s your back up plan?

It’s good to be home after a very lovely vacation in Thailand and Bali.  Comparing the two makes it easy for me to say I adore Bali and the Balinese people.   They were extremely friendly, helpful, and warm.  There was a real sense of pride in their villages, a feeling of caring for others…

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