Dedication, devotion or just crazy?

As I toured the castle recently I was awe struck by this man and his accomplishment. His devotion to building the castle and to his lost love are apparent everywhere on the castle grounds. What gives someone the passion, drive and commitment to continue to build something like this for more than 30 years?

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Start somewhere……..but start NOW!

As a small business owner, Mom, coach, and friend, one of the most common statements I hear are “but I don’t know what to do.” It’s not the technical part that holds us back; there are plenty of geeks among us to help out with something until they get profitable and can hire someone permanently.…

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If only I could work at this pace all the time…

If only we could work at this speed more often. Where we’re getting more done in a day than we did all last week. Where projects that may need our attention while we’re out are getting wrapped up, nice and neat with a bow on top.

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The customer isn’t always right

Often in our careers or businesses we’re given examples or rules or ideas to follow which may or may not feel right. For example:  “The customer is always right.” Well, we all know that isn’t true! While I’m sure the idea behind it came from years where the customer didn’t matter, it’s been taken too…

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Are you using this to make decisions?


  Isn’t it interesting that something we’re born with, something so natural to us as an infant is sometimes so distant by the time we’re adults that we’re almost completely out of touch with it? I’m talking about inner guidance, or intuition. Maybe you’ve heard it called instincts, hunches, or a “gut” feeling. The name…

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Where’s your Focus?

Ducks on Bayou St.John, New Orleans- April 2012

As I look over my life, I realized that I am truly blessed. That I have manifested many amazing things, people and best of all feelings. I have health, love, freedom and best of all opportunities.

Focusing on the outstanding things I’ve manifested also gives me the faith that more is on the way.

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