Entrepreneurs – We’ve Got Some Work To Do

Man at airport

“Generating leads online is something I shouldn’t waste my time doing – I want a VA to find the right people, and I’ll close them,” He said, sitting next to me on his Zoom call at the Chicago airport last Monday. It’s hard not to overhear conversations when people are just a few seats away…

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Mother Nature and Business Wisdom

Earlier this year, I enrolled in herb school Wildflower School for Botanical Medicine in Austin. Ever since I bought a book about herbal medicine more than 20 years ago, it’s been something I’ve wanted to dive deeper into someday. That book has moved house with me more than 12 times and multiple states – and…

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Gardening & Entrepreneurship

Kitchen Garden

When we moved from Chicago to Waco in the summer of 2020, I left all my plants with a friend. Unfortunately, we ran out of room to safely transport them – being a plant lover, this was especially hard. Some I’d had for ten years or so. But, I had to let them go –…

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Reconnecting with WHY as an Entrepreneur

Female Entrepreneur - reconnecting with WHY as an Entrepreneur

With just a few minutes between meetings, I am often tempted to stay at my desk and work. Even when nothing needs my immediate attention, my inner “people pleaser” often encourages me, or should I say, attempts to shame me, not to leave anything undone, even for just a moment. For years I’ve been working…

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Is Having a Business Stressful?

Soul Crafted Success

Someone asked me recently if having a small business is stressful. My first instinct was to laugh loudly, and say “are you kidding”? Then I thought a little more about it. And while, yes, it is stressful – it is also enjoyable. It’s been one of the things I’m the proudest of – not because…

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Leveling Up

I had my first real hater email today over pricing. One of those where someone tried to shame me kind of emails. I truly felt sad for her and I chose to ignore her message. I don’t think for one minute she wanted my help, she just wanted to be angry at me. Years ago,…

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How to Write a Book

Someone asked me recently what it’s like to write two books and how did ever I find the time to do it. I’ve thought about that question a lot over the last week or so and came up with a lot of different ideas. I think there is a misconception that when something is launched…

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Give that which you wish to receive

As a business coach, one of my client’s biggest challenges is growing their businesses while maintaining their authenticity.  Sharing their services and products with others without feeling salesy or sleazy. The easiest way to increase business for a heart-centered entrepreneur is by staying connected with those that already know, trust and adore you.  Nurturing a…

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What is your Website Saying?

………..when you create the content of each of the page of your website. You need to know what your prospects are looking for so you can come up with answers and solutions of their problems and help them reach what they wanted to achieve.

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