Birthing An Elephant aka Writing A Book

Nathaniel's Journey by Michelle Spalding

I’m not going to sugarcoat it here; sitting down and writing wasn’t easy, even when I scheduled time for it. It was a struggle to take my ideas and put them into chapters. There were times when it felt like I’d never get it done.

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Gardening & Entrepreneurship

Kitchen Garden

When we moved from Chicago to Waco in the summer of 2020, I left all my plants with a friend. Unfortunately, we ran out of room to safely transport them – being a plant lover, this was especially hard. Some I’d had for ten years or so. But, I had to let them go –…

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Build a Business and a Life That You Love – Michelle Spalding

Soulful Entrepreneur - Michelle Spalding

Learn To Be Present and Enjoy the Journey Have you ever had a big idea that someone told you was impossible? Are you looking for freedom and flexibility in your career and your life? Maybe you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur, or you recently decided to run your own business? If so, this episode of Offer…

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Reconnecting with WHY as an Entrepreneur

Female Entrepreneur - reconnecting with WHY as an Entrepreneur

With just a few minutes between meetings, I am often tempted to stay at my desk and work. Even when nothing needs my immediate attention, my inner “people pleaser” often encourages me, or should I say, attempts to shame me, not to leave anything undone, even for just a moment. For years I’ve been working…

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Why Do We Make It So Hard To Get What We Want?

I can do it

Oh, how hard-headed I can be at times. Wanting to do it all myself, trying to figure it out rather than asking for help. Waiting, delaying, or holding back simply hoping another answer will show up, so I don’t have to ask for the help I need. Maybe even, at times, hoping someone will “guess”…

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Following Your Soul’s Calling

As a business coach, one of the things I am often asked is “how do I know what my soul’s calling is”? This is an excellent question with a really simple answer, are you happy? Is what you’re doing making you happy? Do you feel contentment in life and a sense of fulfillment? Do you…

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Dedication, devotion or just crazy?

As I toured the castle recently I was awe struck by this man and his accomplishment. His devotion to building the castle and to his lost love are apparent everywhere on the castle grounds. What gives someone the passion, drive and commitment to continue to build something like this for more than 30 years?

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Start somewhere……..but start NOW!

As a small business owner, Mom, coach, and friend, one of the most common statements I hear are “but I don’t know what to do.” It’s not the technical part that holds us back; there are plenty of geeks among us to help out with something until they get profitable and can hire someone permanently.…

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If only I could work at this pace all the time…

If only we could work at this speed more often. Where we’re getting more done in a day than we did all last week. Where projects that may need our attention while we’re out are getting wrapped up, nice and neat with a bow on top.

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The customer isn’t always right

Often in our careers or businesses we’re given examples or rules or ideas to follow which may or may not feel right. For example:  “The customer is always right.” Well, we all know that isn’t true! While I’m sure the idea behind it came from years where the customer didn’t matter, it’s been taken too…

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