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What Do You Really Want?

For years, this has been a loaded question in my life, perhaps one you’ve often asked yourself too. ...
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Following Your Soul’s Calling

As a Fairy Godmother, aka metaphysical business coach one of the things I’m often ask is “how do ...
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Clear as Mud

  Recently I was meeting with a potential client, who I’ll call “Marissa”, who had booked a complimentary ...
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Things You Can’t Do At The Office, Unless You Want To Get Fired Or Locked Up

For starters let me say, I gave up the office life many years ago and I don’t have ...
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What inspires you?

Hi Beautiful Life is full of inspiration and examples that can help us on our journey, it’s up ...
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Proactive vs. Reactive

Several years ago I took my 2nd trip to Phukett Thailand, a beautiful tropical oasis on the southern ...
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declaring your independence

Declaring Your Independence

Independence Day, also called the 4th of July, is right around the corner. A day many of us ...
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Annual Family Halloween Dance Party & More……… {A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust}

Happy Halloween from New Orleans I'm back in New Orleans for Halloween to visit friends, eat some great ...
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Soulful Entrepreneur

A Soulful Entrepreneur Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a woman in business who was very Soulful Entrepreneur successful financially and ...
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Michelle Spalding – The Importance of Consistent Content Creation

Michelle Spalding discusses how to grow your business through consistent content creation. Michelle Spalding is a savvy soulful ...
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