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Writing a Book and Running a Marathon

Recently I was chatting with a client about some of her dreams and goals. Listening to women tell ...
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Soul Crafted Success

Is Having a Business Stressful?

Someone asked me recently if having a small business is stressful. My first instinct was to laugh loudly, ...
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Behind Every Business is GLITTER, DUCT TAPE AND MAGIC

  Join Paula Kidd Casey and entrepreneurial guru Michelle Spalding, as they discuss how to start your dream ...
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It’s Okay to Feel the Feelings

Whatever you're feeling now - please know that it's okay to feel that. Now is not the time ...
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Lessons from the Grand Ginger Princess on the Corona Virus – Covid 19

A few things came up for me today that I want to share around the Coronavirus. 1) We ...
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Leveling Up

I had my first real hater email today over pricing. One of those where someone tried to shame ...
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How to Write a Book

Someone asked me recently what it’s like to write two books and how did ever I find the ...
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Dreams Do Come True

When you asked that little girl in the photo what she wanted to be when she grew up, ...
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My New Year Resolution Is Lunch

Funny how a phone call can inspire us to do better for ourselves. I had a pre-appointment call ...
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Simple and Inexpensive Ways To Love Up On Mother Earth

This year I made some little (and easy) changes to help heal our planet. And next year and ...
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